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The Third Emancipation of MahDah Urf (TEMU) is a grassroots project to mobilize global support for a new social contract called the Kwanzaa Accord that helps to bring truth, reconciliation and closure to the tragedy of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

TEMU has been organised in recognition of the signature role that the Barbados Slave Code of 1661 played in codifying the plantation culture of the British Colonies.

During the two month period of the Crop Over Festival, TEMU uses social media to galvanise public awareness that a "Third Emancipation" - from fear and want - is now at hand.

The massively disruptive forces of climate change and social media have fostered a new mindset towards the future - making the processes of innovation, collaboration and sharing a necessary feature of our emerging way of life. The Third Emancipation is an opportunity for us all to embrace these challenges with an open mind and a positive spirit.

TEMU uses the musical soundstage of Onika Best's sophomore album "Bread and Butter" to tell the story of our newly realised freedoms in a deeply energetic and personalised dimension. TEMU is inspired by the legacy of Onika Best's deceased father, Vern Best BCH ("El Verno Del Congo") who is internationally celebrated for reintroducing the African Conga Drum to the people of Barbados at the end of the colonial era.

Onika Best is the Caribbean Griottess for the Lou Myers Scenario Motion Picture Film production "Quantum Leap 2020".

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