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URBAN FUTURIST TIMES... INTRODUCING CYBERPARK USA'S QUEST-The Game of Choice, for the Urban Professional

Solve the problems that have destroyed our communities, and our people from the comfort of your home or office.  CyberPark, USA’s Quest is an interactive computer software game which puts you in control of solving the problems of decaying economic cities and urban communities.  If not you, who else?  CyberPark, USA’s Quest features the most extensive data base in problem solving solutions of its kind currently on the market.  And starring the CYBERPARK, USA Team.  The CYBERPARK, USA Team consists of Ten Economic Systems headed by pro’s in their chosen field.


Once you have begun to master CyberPark, USA’s first Quest you will have the unique opportunity to seek and solve more challenging problems.  As a member of the Braintrust Team, you will have the opportunity to dial up to the central database and download the Quest of the month.


In addition, CyberPark, USA’s Quest will be offered as a new board game to allow for group problem solving of the many challenges that have made life difficult for the American people and the problems of rebuilding communities.


In addition to CyberPark, USA’s Quest series of games, other games are to be released soon:

Solving the Problem of the Business Person

Building the New Media Distribution System

Creating and Running the Newspaper

The American Youth Challenge Game


The game, CyberPark, USA’s Quest is a problem solver that took over twenty years of research to develop.  The first Quest is the development of , “The Business Incubator Co-op.”  In that Quest you have an opportunity to develop economic infrastructures for American Communities building the 1st Los Angeles Business Science & Technology City in Los Angeles, the 1st Urban Capitalistic Economic System.


Can you afford not to play?

1999 (GBI)

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